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World-Class Experience-Focused Virtual Business Development Center.


We're making our client's clients LOVE doing business.

Our approach at the Experience Development Center (XDC) is connecting with the right audiences through our virtual contact center associates, or as we call them, Experience Coordinators & Ninjas, are dedicated to delivering the best experience before, during and post our engagements. 

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Slice Through Your Data & Generate Leads

Samurai Platform

Skip the 'Campaign' mind-set and activate the most robust Data-Mining Solution optimized to help increase sales retention, conquest new sales opportunities combining Live Calls, Email, Text, Voicemails and Mail.

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INCREASE Sales Retention
CONQUEST Service Lane
Calls + Text + Email + PURL

Optional Direct Mail

Relying on in-store teams to use software can be difficult, and being handcuffed to platforms that require expensive direct mail can create heartburn. With Samurai's average Cost-Per-Unit of $77 and world-class support - this platform might be the solution your team has needed to perfect sales and service data-mining.

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Driving Experiences with New, Used, Parts & Service or Body Shop Departments; our team focuses in areas to generate more opportunities from previous customers, or prospects you are trying to convert. We are experts in data-mining, and generating upsell opportunities.


For those dealers that provide thrills and some of most memorable experiences, our team focuses in areas to generate unique opportunities that most powersports dealers miss - acquiring pre-owned inventory, upgrading previous customers, or getting customers to come back and trust them for all their service needs.


Traveling our beautiful country in recreational vehicles is an asset that many customers look for, and obtaining the right RV, Camper or enhancing their vehicles with accessories is just what our team does - helps drive more revenue opportunities for sales, and service.


You have an audience that should be contacted by a live-person, we do just that, with a World-Class Experience in mind.

Lead Follow Up Appointment


Our team of Experience Ninjas, who are focused on Quality first are experts in driving quality appointments, that SHOW! We have options to take inbound or make outbound calls, text, and email to get more buyers in showrooms and service lanes.

Lower Payment APR


There are many programs that allow for great data-mining, and typically offer automated communications via direct mail and email...however we know the best form of contact is a live person! So if you are paying for software to data-mine, and don't have a dedicated champion to actually make the calls - let XDC be your data-mining champion! We have also helped clients save on spending on costly data-mining software - so instead of paying for software and hoping the team uses it, our team will do the data-mining and generate the opportunities through live calls. Trade-Cycle, Equity, Lease Expiration, Due/Overdue for name it, we will generate opportunities from it.

Service Activation

Customer Reactivation

With any relationship, consistent communication is key, and we find at times either customers have switched to another provider or just off their expected interval for coming back. Our team will help with a strategy to mine previous customers or prospects, to identify the best audiences to reach, and reactivate them for their next purchase or service visit.

Product Upsell


Once a vehicle is purchased and the customer runs through F&I, some customers may not understand the value or be on time-constraints to add on products such as Vehicle Service Contracts or other Auxillary products! Our team will follow up post transaction for CSI, and more importantly will add value and help get the customer interested and potentially reconsider those after-sale benefits.

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We take the fear out of using an outsourced "BDC".

Our results, rather the EXPERIENCES we generate speak for themselves.  HAPPY clients are the BEST clients. 


We are ensuring that our clients have the ability to communicate with their clients at the right moment with the right channels to generate MORE opportunities.


Most Business Development Centers (BDC) focus on purely appointments whether of great quality or not - we focus on the EXPERIENCE


We also support you with an experienced and process driven ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE, who is tied directly to your SUCCESS.

Steven Clark


Service Director

Tifton, GA

Great job with getting our appointments where we need them to be. We appreciate the quality and work that you do at XDC for our service business.


We’re looking for innovative customer-service and experience-focused individuals to join our team. 

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