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Experience Development Center's Story

Our story...

In August 2022, the Experience Development Center was launched with the goal of creating a team environment that fosters success.  We were fortunate to absorb eDealer Outsource and create a new company focused on enhancing the Business Development experience and process.


Our MISSION at XDC is to go beyond viewing clients as mere leads, but rather as individuals we can build a relationship with.

Our VISION is to make our clients' clients love doing business.


To achieve this vision, our core values of being eXtraordinary, Determined, and Charismatic are deeply embedded in every aspect of our business, from our interactions with customers to our team culture. At XDC, we prioritize teamwork, effective communication, great work ethic, and a positive outlook. These values have made it easy for us to create a successful and positive company environment.


We invite you to meet the people who make XDC the obvious choice for virtual call center support and extension of any company as a Business Development Center (BDC).

Meet The Team

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